Terms and Conditions

1.Krd.co, is a kind of "Shipping and Shopping" website which belongs to KRD Express Services Company. You need to sign in as a member to use the KRD.co website. In addition, anyone who subscribes to the website constitutes acceptance of the following terms and conditions

2.Subscription to Krd.co is for free.Krd.co reserves the right to charge members monthly

3.Krd.co takes charges $8 per pound for transportation of all orders from Krd.co. Krd.co reserves the right to change these fees. krd.co compares dimensional weight of calculation of packed product with its mass weight and would prefer the larger one. By world standards mass weight means 1 pound = 1 lb = 0.454 kg. By dimensional weight it is calculated as one Pound in inches multiply with width, length and depth and divided by 166 (1 pound = (X inch * Y inch * Z inch) / 166)

4.Krd.co gets $4.5 as a commission for all products ordered from Krd.co which costs from $0 up to $150; 3 percent (%3) of cost of products above $150.And it reserves the right to change this commission

5.Krd.co does not carry any liability for products requested by Krd.co members which outlawed by the governments of the United States and Kurdistan.All legal obligations belongs to the customer.

6.Krd.co members agree that to pay all taxes and shipping fees for products ordered from Krd.co. In addition, customer is responsible for supplying products from Public Security or Customs, which is deemed suspicious or taxed by the Kurdistan Security and Authorities

7.Krd.co is only responsible for transport and purchase of the product links of which sent by members of Krd.co. Krd.co does not assume responsibility for technical and mechanical detail about products. Customer is responsible for the technical and mechanical issues of purchased products

8.If the products ordered from Krd.co by customers is lost, krd.co refunds the cost of it within 45 days from the date of shipment date.

9.Within 3 months from the time received by shipping department, products requested from Krd.co are needed to be delivered by customer from related place. Krd.co will get all the rights of the products that not delivered within 3 months, without giving any information

10.Customers is obliged to control purchased item when the delivery is received. Customers can not claim any rights for the product that is delivered without checking after receiving.

11.Customers can request money that they deposited and which are unused anymore, in cash only when products are lost or cannot not purchased by KRD. Refund is performed by subtraction of %5 from the total amount

12.krd.co members have the right to request cancellation of membership. Krd.co members must request cancellation of membership only with written form to the KRD Express Service Central Office

13.Courts of ERBIL are authorized in disputes between members.

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