Frequently Asked Questions

KRD is a "Shipping and shopping" company in Kurdistan region and rest of Iraq. It buys items that you order online from United States of America, China and all over the world.

Firstly, you need to become a member at After a successful registration, you will have your own Customer Id and password. In order to shop online with KRD, you must follow these steps:
1. Send the link of the item and describe it with details. In this step, the status will be Pending.
2. After we receive the link we control the item with all details, and now the status changes to Processing.
3. We calculate the item weight as Pound and web site taxes as a Final Cost
4. Then you will receive the Final Cost of your order. If you accept the Price the status changes to Confirmed. If you refuse, the status changes to Cancel.
5. After Confirmed we buy the item and the status changes to Ordered.
6. When your item arrives to Kurdistan, the status changes to Arrived.
7. Finally, you will receive an email when your item arrives to Kurdistan.

Yes, it is free to become a member.

  • 0lb - 15lb : $7.5
  • 15lb - 30lb : $7
  • 30lb - 70lb : $6.5
  • 70lb - 100lb : $6
  • > 100lb : $5

The final cost is calculated based on item's weight, original shipment cost (outside of Iraq) and taxes.

It usually takes 15 days from United States.

pound equals 0.453kg
1 inch equals 2.54cm
Pound=(Height x Weight x Altitude) /166
As International Shipment Procedure; If the weight of the item is less than 1 pound, it rolls to 1 pound.

You can get new password by clicking on forget password you will get an reset password email, by clicking the link in the email you will be redirecred to then you can change your password.

You can pay your orders with Pelepare only.

Yes, you are responsible for all duties and taxes, and the final price includes all duties and taxes.

No, we do not share our customer's information with any other companies. All information are securely stored in our system.

You can follow all status changes from our system, and you will also receive an SMS when your package is arrived.

Any items that include gas, perfumes, items with fuel engine, pets, spying tools.

You can cancel your order when the items status is in Processing, but if the status is confirmed we need to check that item from our branch in USA. If the item is not ordered there, we can cancel it. Therefore, we can not guarantee the cancelation process for confirmed status.

If the item location is in China and it is listed on USA web-sites, you can order them. It takes 30 to 60 days for arriving to Kurdistan.

Yes, we have Home Delivery Service which is KRD EXPRESS. When you order your item, you can choose Home Delivery Service, and it is optional..


We are at Sultan Muthafar Street

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